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Are we surrendering today or not - it would be nice to know.

EU Referendum

Mr William Hague .. told the House of Commons in a debate yesterday that, "Tomorrow, the European Union's Heads of State and Government meet to try to negotiate a treaty of fundamental importance to the EU's future."
from the horse's (Mrs Beckett's) mouth, we find that today's summit is going to discuss "a draft intergovernmental conference mandate"...

Are the "colleagues" negotiating a treaty, or are they simply aiming to "agree a mandate" for a later intergovernmental conference at which a treaty will be negotiated?

....today's Daily Telegraph: "Mr Blair", it says, "is getting ready to sign up today or tomorrow to the bulk of the previous EU Constitution that was rejected by French and Dutch voters in national referendums two years ago, sources close to the negotiations allege."

The paper continues:

Sources close to the negotiations, which open formally when EU leaders arrive in Brussels today, have confirmed to The Daily Telegraph that Mr Blair will accept the loss of 52 vetoes in areas ranging from foreign policy to copyright protection.

Like I said, what do we know?


This sounds like typical eu obfuscation at work. What is being agreed today will be billed as something innocuous like a "mandate" or an "agenda". This will allow the heads of government to go home and swear they haven't signed up for anything. "It'll all be discussed at the forthcoming IGC," they'll say. Then when the IGC comes around there'll be a pro-forma vote on something "already agreed in principle".

Bish bosh bish - eu constitutional mugging achieved and nobody will be able to say anything.

Bunch of front bottoms!

We're all mushrooms...

You'd think that such an obvious slide into a dictatorship would result in civil unrest. However, many of the EU member states have been bribed with our cash, don't have a history of political freedom and are therefore not too bothered. Anyone living in mainland Europe will tell you that personal freedoms are much curtailed. I'm afraid there is nothing for it but to leave before we are all charged with the new Crimes Against The EU.

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