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Creating an Untermenschen

White boys 'let down by education system' | Uk News | News | Telegraph
White boys are being turned into an unemployable underclass - as they fall behind children from other racial groups at school, new research shows.

Almost half of all children leaving school without any good GCSEs are white British males, according to figures published today.

They outnumber white girls by two to one and have vastly inferior reading and writing skills at the age of 11.
In a damning indictment of the education system in England, they say that thousands of children - particularly boys, working class pupils and those with special needs - are being let down by primary schools.

After moving up many then remain at the bottom of the pile between the ages of 11 and 16 as the Government's secondary school reforms fail to have any significant impact.

Prof Robert Cassen, one of the report's authors, said that thousands of disadvantaged children were "behind educationally before they enter school".

"If boys do worse than girls at early stages, this may be part of the explanation of their later worse performance," the study says.

"The anti-education culture may be something boys take refuge in, something that gives them an alternative identity, placing value and self-esteem in things other than those offered by school."

The report goes on to say: "This is a somewhat different view from the sociological observation that working class children may be rebelling against a school experience that is essentially middle class."

There is a clear link between failure at school and a life of crime, the authors say. "Only about a fifth of the lowest achievers go on to a further education college and acquire any other sort of education or training.

"Many of them have few prospects in the jobs market. Not surprisingly, they may end up unemployed and vulnerable, and a proportion will become single parents or involved in drugs and crime."

The Government defended its record...

Labour gets a very poor school report | Uk News | News | Telegraph
A quarter of teenagers are leaving school with practically nothing to show for 11 years of compulsory education, a report discloses today.

Last year, about 147,000 pupils failed to get any GCSEs higher than a grade D. This included 28,000 - almost one in 20 - who failed to gain a qualification of any kind.

The system is broken, and we all are paying for it. I have dealt with those teenage underperforming white working class boys, of course they " take refuge" in an anti-education culture, it is the only place they can thrive. School knocks out of them all the spark, originality, inquisitiveness, boisterousness, and sheer fun of being a boy. Give them back that and they are great kids, deny it to them and they are a nightmare.


The system is very broken. My pet interest is Maths teaching. When my daughter was struggling with Maths in infants I started investigating different teaching methods and one stood out. Hungarian schools achieve some of the best results in the world.
Watch this eye-opening video http://www.teachers.tv/video/17878
And more information from http://www.cimt.plymouth.ac.uk/projects/kassel/default.htm

Bottom line: Hungarian teaching methods will never be implemented in our state system because they go against "modern" teaching methods. Method seems to trump results in our school system.

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