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Child Snatchers

Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Bid to ban military from making school visits in the capital

COUNCILLORS are considering a ban on allowing the armed forces to speak in schools and colleges.

The idea has won backing among some Edinburgh city councillors after being raised by Maggie Chapman, a Green councillor and university lecturer.

She wants to put a stop to the "aggressive recruiting" of "impressionable" teenagers. Her call comes after a similar proposal was passed by the Educational Institute of Scotland, Scotland's largest teachers' union....

Ms Chapman, who represents Leith Walk in the city, said: "We oppose aggressively recruiting children who are perhaps at quite a vulnerable stage in their lives.

"It's not appropriate to go into schools and colleges and tell children that it's a great career and a great opportunity to see the world, especially if there's not a lot of information available about what it's like to work in somewhere like Iraq.

"Our concern is that armed forces' recruitment may be targeting schools in more deprived areas where children, arguably, are not going to have as many career options available."

Probably not got many career options because they haven't been taught to read and write by their trendy teachers.

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Unless their teachers are, like me and many others, ex Forces! In which case they discover the delights of Charge of the Light Brigade and Vitae Lampada! (Play up and play the game!) Have already been busy adding commments to the Scotsman pages. It is not this loonie councillor's job to try and make the kids into replicas of her and her loonie friends.

My wife says I'm not a trendy teacher at all. Is it because I don't have leather patches on a tweed jacket?

Is it better then that people are made in Maggie Chapman's image? Become a mediocre student politician, then get a green councillor seat so she can harass people from her grand position in Edinburgh Cuntcil.

I almost said I preferred her when I knew her at Uni, but no, we should have drowned the witch then.

Never been in the military service myself, though I have been in the civil service in law enforcement for 28 years, and I can say without a doubt, I wish someone had recruited me for at least a few years in the military. It is a crying shame that ithese ultra leftist do not realize just how important a strong military, made up of patriots, is to any nation.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sooooo. If there are children with limited career options, denying them one of those options (i.e. the forces) is helping them how exactly Mz Chapman?

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