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Treaty 'hands swathes of power to Brussels' | Uk News | News | Telegraph
Tony Blair emerged from tense negotiations today claiming to have secured a new European treaty which protects Britain’s interests but which opponents say hands vast swathes of power to Brussels.

The Prime Minister won a legal exemption from a new Charter of Fundamental Rights, one of four "red lines" fought over during days of acrimonious negotiations.

But he surrendered Britain’s right to veto EU decisions in more than 40 other areas of policy including energy, tourism, space policy, transport, civil protection and migration.

The visibly-tired Prime Minister said the most important thing about the deal was that it allowed European nations to focus on the issues that concerned their citizens: "The truth is we’ve been arguing now for many years about the constitutional question.

"This deal gives us a chance to move on.

Only "move on" by denying the people their voice, I'm so fucking angry about this betrayal of our country I can't even begin to put together a coherent post. Tony Blair is a treacherous cunt seems to sum most of it up though.


We live in an age of individualism. Politics attracts self-serving scum like Blair. He's looking for a job as president of the EU. HE's a lawyer by trade. When did you ever meet a lawyer that put his client's interests before his own? Forget democracy... we live to serve the state now. Better get used to it. What's mine is theirs. Sad but so true.

To me it's the phrase "move on" that sums the whole thing up. Under this corrupt, incompetent and now treacherous regime it has come to mean: "okay, we've been caught being naughty/stupid, but let's forget about that and see what else we can fuck up". It's a perversion of touchy feely pop-psychology* designed to give the criminal and the ineffectual a let out clause for their failings.

Hang the lot of the bastards.

*btw Can one pervert something as perverse as pop-psychology?

It took me some time to manage to post an entry about this. Our entire political class have been sold the dream of endless tea and biscuits in Brussels.

Gordon Brown - Last Prime Minister, first Mayor of Britain.

If Cameron stopped his touchy feely nonsense and offered a referendum IN or OUT he'd scupper UKIP and Brown in one hit ,we signed up to an economic community and now that's been replaced with UNION, from Wellington to Kitchener to Churchill a million must be spinning in their graves.

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