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The Case For Grammars, again.

Grammar schools needed to raise standards | Uk News | News | Telegraph
More grammar schools and low-cost private schools are needed to raise the "dire" standards of the education system, a report by one of the most respected economic think-tanks says today.

Millions of people cannot read, write or count and millions more can barely do so because of the "socialist" state-directed system and comprehensive education, the Economic Research Council says.

Better off parents have escaped the worst aspects of comprehensive education by paying private fees, buying tuition or moving home to be close to the best schools, says the report. It is families on the lowest incomes that have suffered from the progressive theories and dumbing down of standards.

The Economic Research Council, Britain's oldest economic think-tank, says it is "rotten schooling" and not grammar schools that has harmed social mobility.


Surely many of state our schools are analagous to any other state enterprise including their failure to deliver what the consumer wants. Remember the Austin Allegro (square steering wheel). Pre-privatisation BT (long waiting lists for a line; extremely limited choice of handsets etc etc).

Comprehensive schools were introduced as part of a political agenda and not as a result of empirical observation and conclusion re education in Britain. Therefore you cannot expect much. Add to that the very poor level of teacher education (ill read, inexperienced and bigoted)and hey presto...

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