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Old Rifles

Kim du Toit mulls over rifle choices - and includes some of my favourites - I haven't been able to afford a Winchester 1894 yet though...

And I'm in quandary - I have been very kindly invited to an "Old Bill" shoot where the weapon must be a rifle of a type that was used in the First World War, and I don't think any of mine are that modern; though maybe the Tubed Lee Metford is acceptable as it was still being used to train cadets....


That Savage looks beautiful, but I fear it will be many years before I can afford one! Or the ammunition...

I've used the Winchester '94 a few times but I much prefer the Marlin. It has better looks, a smoother action, better build quality and a it's good bit more accurate. The Winchester also has the annoying habbit of chopping your finger near in half if you aren't careful, something I have never experienced on my Marlin.

The 336 looks like a fine gun, though I've never held one. In fact, I've never used a 'thutty thutty' at all. I hear the ballistics are similar to a 7.62x39mm, and in a light nad handy levergun that sounds like an acre of fun. I'd love to give foxes a go with one, perhaps I'll have to spend my student loan on one!

I've never used a levergun for hunting but I have to share Kim's love of them. There's just something about working that action and the way the sights just seem to go straight onto the target after every shot.

I'd lend you my SMLE for the shoot, but I think it's illegal to do so, Over There.

So sowwy.

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