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Kinky Katie Holmes Pictures

Tim Worstall wonders if just by mentioning Katie Holmes' name he can pick up some of the 100,000 surfers who everyday search for her. He has set up a blog to test the theory.

I must admit until I ran a Google image search on Katie Holmes I hadn't realised what a sweet bit of totty she is.

Some pictures of Katie make her look decidedly hot; in others she is teasingly almost naked in bed with her nipples tantalisingly just out of sight. Quite different from the mumsy look I imagined. And some are just plain kinky


I think I'm turning into a fan.

(Tim - is this how to do a googlewhoring post?)


That's pretty much it.

now thats the hotest i have ever seen you

that's sexy! send pictures to my e-mail please at hamtheman13@msn.com

Kinky? I'll say! She's well into midgets, that lass.

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