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I believe!

Engineers are set to turn green into gold - Times Online
Investors in Europe’s big insurers will be among the losers as climate change hits balance sheets, while engineering companies are set to soar, according to a new report.

Made me think of this other snippet in The Times today about the advantages of placing your trust in science rather than faith...

Striking proof that lightning conductors work - Times Online
In 1769 lightning hit the tower of a church in Brescia, near Milan, and blew up the 100 tons of gunpowder stored there. The explosion levelled one sixth of the city and killed about 3,000 people, possibly the world’s worst recorded lightning disaster. The church authorities had turned down the chance of fitting the newly invented lightning conductor on the ground that it was heretical to interfere with divine will.


Further proof that the obvious analogy for the mad mullahs is the Catholic Church prior to....?

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