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Fatty Bang Bang

Scotsman.com News - UK - GPs say 20mph limit will help child fitness
DOCTORS yesterday called for more 20mph speed limits on roads, especially on routes near schools, in a bid to tackle obesity ..."We are endangering our children for the sake of three minutes on our journey,"....

Dodging the traffic is the only exercise some kids get, if they can waddle across the road instead then how is that going to help them?


Is that the fastest you're allowed to drag them?

Every school I drive past already has a 20mph limit posted, so what they hell are they on about?

And since on most of the occasions when you drive past a school, it's closed (just over 80% of the time, in fact, before you even start counting their endless holidays), there is even less point.

Now can we have a ban on medics proposing stupid things which are none of their business? Just stick to healing the sick, guys please, God knows you get paid enough for doing it.

Better to ban most cars for most of the time. We ran WW2 quite well that way. Everyone then was lean and keen.

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