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Climate Change - The Proof

Ten predictions about climate change that have come true - Times Online
Here are the hard facts about global warming that everyone should know, compiled for Times Online by internationally acclaimed writer, scientist and explorer Tim Flannery...

1) That the Earth would warm as more CO2 was put into the atmosphere (Svante Arrhenius in 1893)

Causation of which by which, or correlation? Obviously we are chucking tons of the stuff into the air, but how much effect is it actually having?

2) That we'd begin to see noticable changes to Earth's climate by around 2000 (some IPCC scientists ).

And what are these changes? And how do they differ from changeable weather..

3) That sea-level would start rising

The Dutch National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management reporting on sea-levels that have been broadly rising since at least the end of the last Ice Age...say ""The water level measurements show no acceleration in sea level rise" and "It’s not always well documented where the measurements for the data on which the [IPCC] scenarios are based ". So the Dutch, who have most to lose from accelerating sea-level rise, see no evidence such an acceleration and find the climate models which suggest such an acceleration for the future unconvincing and poorly documented. Bear in mind that the part of the Netherlands which is below sea-level (more than half of the country and where most people live), is sinking as a result of post-glacial rebound (as is the Southern part of the UK).

4) That Earth's Ice would start melting rapidly (James Hanson)

....the melting Martian Polar Ice Caps , are they caused by our Climate Change as well?

5) That hurricanes would increase in intensity (this one goes back to Alfred Russel Wallace in 1900)

Bong, wrong

6) That species would start going extinct as a result of climate change.

The linked article just says "could"...

7) That Australia would start drying out (Hadley Centre scientists) -

Ah, the The El-Niño Southern Oscillation, been going on for a long time, as have droughts...

8) That tropical diseases would increase

yes, Malaria returning to the Fens and all that nonsense..

9) That food crops would be adversely affected

No source for that one?

10) That the CO2 would begin to acidify the ocean

0.1 pH change I believe is claimed?

Now to work through the rest of the list


0.1 pH is quite a lot: the scale is logarithmic. But if the measurements are made as assiduously (sorry) and scrutinised as critically as for other GW measurements, then I wouldn't take it too seriously.

"4) That Earth's Ice would start melting rapidly"

Obviously, apart from the South Pole, as I believe that the ice is getting thicker there...


Spot on. The great "Global Warming" swindle is about political control and cash for pet research projects. Nothing more. Oh, and by the way, the sun has just kicked off on some major sunspot activity after almost twenty years of little or none. Sunspots = cooler weather.

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