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Lockerbie - will the truth emerge?

Judgment day for Lockerbie bomber | Uk News | News | Telegraph

As they say in Scotland, where lawyers still speak Latin, fiat justitia, ruat caelum: let justice be done, though the heavens fall.

Scotsman.com News - Lockerbie - Lockerbie evidence 'was tampered with, destroyed and overlooked'
* Commission expected to conclude that conviction of Megrahi is unsafe
* Key witness account brought into question and statements 'missing'
* Defence believe motive was to avoid antagonising Iran during Gulf War

Key quote
"The Crown Office has a moral obligation to hold a public inquiry. If it embarrasses the Scottish judiciary, so be it. We're in danger of becoming the laughing stock of Europe." - TAM DALYELL
Story in full EVIDENCE used against Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed al-Megrahi, the Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, was subject to deliberate destruction and manipulation for political reasons, according to leaked documents from his defence team.

The allegations suggest authorities on both sides of the Atlantic attempted to mislead the original inquiry into the 1988 disaster to divert attention away from the original Iranian-backed suspects to Libya, with evidence apparently tampered with, destroyed and overlooked.

In a decision that could send shockwaves through the Scottish legal system, the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) is expected to conclude this week that the conviction of Megrahi - jailed in 2001 for his part in the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 which killed 270 people - is unsafe.

Amid claims from his defence team of a "co-ordinated effort to mislead the court", tantamount to a perversion of the course of justice, the SCCRC is studying hundreds of documents and photographs that suggest evidence was deliberately fabricated, manipulated or ignored by police and CIA operatives.

Should Megrahi's case be referred back to the appeal court, his legal team intends to lodge an application for him to be freed while the court decides whether to quash his conviction or order a retrial.

Megrahi's team believes the evidence was manipulated to avoid antagonising Iran at the time of the first Gulf War.

In all the excitement of the Brown coronation I have rather missed the import of this shocking case. One to watch.


So, our corrupt Liebour government were looking for a way to send this murdering piece of shit back to Libya in exchange for some nurses.
All of a sudden, a previously cast iron case looks 'unsafe' and monkey-boy may be let out on appeal.
Well, call me Mr Cynic, but I see cause and effect here.

Having visited libya several times a year since 1986, I find it impossible to believe that any libyan would have enough technical knowledge to bring down an aircraft in the manner it was done. Channel 4 put out a documentry which clearly implicated a terrorist group based in Beruit who's motives were totally mercenery. Following the downing by a missile fired from an American ship of an Iranian airline with 144 people on board The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
put up a reward of $10 million to anybody who could bring down an American airline. The rest is on the internet. Look it up. (Robert Fisk) So why, do you ask, did Colonel Gadaffi hand over the suspects. He had no choice? He had already been blamed for so many atrocities, which later turned out to be committed by a completely different group and nationality and the sanctions were killing his economy. Plus he had two sons who were football fanatics and both wanted to bring libya on to the world stage. This could only be achieved by complying with the West's demands.

The BBC on their Radio 4 network broadcasted a re-enactment of the trial. In that it was shown that the defence team tried to introduce the Syrian element to this but each time they were denied. I am not one of your usual "conspiracy theory types" but on this subject I am convinced that our government and the USA conspired to bring this to a close before the truth emerged.

A high ranking metropolitan CID officer was given responsibility for representing the Met and flew to lockerbie just after the crash. He witnessed the US helicopters arriving on the scene and assumed that they were US troops sent to assist But all the passengers were wearing suits and they scoured the area searching for something. After several hours without speaking to anybody, they left. This police officer learnt things which disturbed him so much, he resigned. The truth will never come out because the consequences for whichever US Government is in power at that time will be catastrophic

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