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I'm English, not a Euroregionalish

Labour サ Regional Ministers and Minister for Europe

Gordon Brown, the new British Prime Minister and de-facto First Minister of England, has dealt what may prove to be a fatal blow to the continued existence of England.
Brown has appointed a Minister for each of the made-up regions of England. Before his coronation as unelected Prime Minister the MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath made noises about resurrecting regional government in England even though it has been thoroughly rejected by voters and declared dead by Tony Bliar less than a fortnight ago.

How dare Gordon Brown, who fought for the establish of a national parliament for his own country, presume to undermine the very existence of England. For the least 10 years, New Labour has constantly attacked England and local democracy, seeking to undermine its very existence with the EU-sponsored regionalisation project.

John Prescott was the architect of the regional assemblies and development agencies that infest our country, spending millions of pounds of taxpayers money on unaccountable and unnecessary bureacracy and dividing the country into artificial, competing regions. Only one referendum was ever held on this fundamental change to local government in England. The referendum was held in the North East euroregion where support for regional government was at its highest and it was rejected by a massive 78% "no" vote.

Every local authority was recently "invited" to submit a proposal for their own demise in favour of large, powerful unitary authorities. The two-tier county/district system of local government has served the country well for centuries, allowing local authorities to benefit from working together in the form of county councils whilst retaining local accountability from district councils.

We asked the MP for Shrewsbury & Atcham, Daniel Kawczynski, what he thought of the appointment of regional ministers:

"The Conservative Party is continuing to fight this Government’s move towards regionalisation and I am deeply concerned at the appointment of Ministers for the Regions, which is just one more step in the direction of regionalisation.

What is more, I note that Gordon Brown has appointed a Birmingham MP as Minister for the West Midlands – yet again ignoring how much of the West Midlands is a rural area, whose interests are unlikely to be effectively represented by an inner city MP. This in itself demonstrates the nonsense of a regional system of government that does not reflect the diversity of an area."

The Campaign for an English Parliament has this to say on its website:

Now I’m no conspiracy theorist but it does seem like a bit of a post-devolution liberty for a Scotsman to be meddling in the internal domestic affairs of England in this way. We all know that Brown’s treasury has been the main driving force behind the regionalisation project since Prescott was kicked into touch by the voters of the North East. We all know how keen he is on the administrative regionalisation of England, democratic or not. And we all know how unkeen he is on England being allowed to decide for itself on how it should be governed (it’s more than his job is worth).

Like Gordon Brown as Prime Minister: we haven't asked for it, most of us don't want it but New Labour will make sure we get it.


It's no longer a joke. It is now having real consequences


The need for an English Parliament is now urgent. A revolt of the provinces may be the only way to get it - look at the Early Stuarts a previous bout of Scottish rule over England. Why not elect a parliament unilaterally? There would undoubtedly be NuLab opposition in every form, violent or otherwise but it could be people power against the entrenched liberal elite who seem determined to break up England and destroy its culture. I am NOT BNP by the way and any attempt to smear me as such is a waste of time. One of my best friends was thrown out of the Labout party for being too left wing.His friends are not BNP!

I am amazed at the lack of reaction to this...or am I. The BBC has not even covered the appointments!

There needs to be some serious evidence to the contrary before I believe this is a harmless act. To me Brown is carving up England.

Before his coronation as unelected Prime Minister
Like Gordon Brown as Prime Minister: we haven't asked for it, most of us don't want it but New Labour will make sure we get it.

I'm afraid that here you're suffering from a misconception. In the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister is not elected; the ruling party is. That is why there was no constitutional crisis when Eden replaced Churchill, when Home replaced McMillan, when Callaghan replaced Wilson or when Major replaced Thatcher. You can jibe all you like about a Scot trying to carve up England, but since the Labour Party still has a majority in the House of Commons, there is no constitutional difficulty about its leader being Prime Minister.

That does not, of course, mean that it is right for any party to "carve up" England; as a Scot myself, I can only sympathise with the poor carved-up English nation!


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