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Fuck Off

I'm more upset than I have been for many years; three different people, whom I have known for over twenty years, have decided separately that this is "have a pop at Tim week". They have been surprised, because I'm normally a very laid back person, that I have told them to "Fuck Off". I will not be insulted, I will not be wronged. Banter, fine; misunderstandings, I can deal with. But you insult me, or my family, and I will not stand for that. I will give you every opportunity to reconsider your words, and explain why I am feeling insulted, so that if you continue to insult me it is from a fully informed and chosen position.

I am extraordinarily lucky in that I am able to have a simple moral code, "what would my Dad have done?" If I follow that I never go wrong, in fact I think I may have slipped in not telling them to "Fuck Off" in a more anatomically detailed way.


Born of Wiltshire farming parents I would never tell you to fuck off! Your blog is great! More power to English farmers! And an English Parliament!

my dad would have handed out a beating...works for me!

Send me their names. I know a few chaps here in Moscow who might help you out.

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