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In sympathy with the farmers

Vegetarian Benn takes charge of environment | Earth News | Earth | Telegraph
The arrival of the bean-eating Mr Benn in charge of livestock - as part of his brief as Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - has caused sharp intakes of breath in the farming world.

Mr Benn, who eats neither meat nor fish, has been a vegetarian for the past 35 years, even converting his father, Tony, to the cause.

So no point in inviting him down for the Full English at the farmhouse table then.


Well, one thing hasn't changed Nu Lab's contempt for the countryside. Hilary Benn is an ignorant, self righteous, time serving bigot intent on turning the countryside into a playgound for people in the towns. Putting a tofu swilling anti meat eating vegetarian in charge of the livestock industry is just an insult.

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