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Children of the Revolution

Children urged to pressure parents on smoking | Uk News | News | Telegraph
As England awakes to a ban on lighting up in pubs and restaurants today, plans have been drawn up for "smoking cessation support workers" to visit schools to "educate" children about the dangers of passive smoking.

Amber Butchart and Nisha Thirkell, performance artists, children urged to pressure parents on smoking
Amber Butchart and Nisha Thirkell at the Last Gasp Masked Ball in London

The children will then be urged to return home and "stand up for their rights" by telling their mothers and fathers to stop smoking at home.

“The Cultural Revolution turned everything upside down. Political correctness was regarded as far more important than family ties. Children were encouraged to denounce their parents if they were labelled an “enemy of people” and many died brutally.” Source


No doubt the government will also ask the little darlings to inform on their evil smoking parents to Big Brother. It appears that the UK is slowly being reduced to Airstrip One status.

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