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Don't know why theres no sun up in the sky...

The future is wet. Summer was in April - Times Online
The heavy rain that spoilt May and June looks set to stay for the rest of summer, Met Office research suggests.

Cooler sea temperatures in the Pacific Ocean prompted by the La Niña weather system, sister to El Niño, have been identified as the likely cause of summer depressions sweeping across Northern Europe....

Adam Scaife, at the Met Office, said that researchers had now discovered that La Niña also played a big role in shaping British summers.

Meteorologists have become increasingly convinced of La Niña’s knock-on effect and have detected a growing signal in the Pacific that it is kicking in strongly. Their first clue was finding a mirror-image of Britain’s current weather in the southern hemisphere, where similar bands of depressions have been sweeping 45 to 55 degrees latitude, similar latitudes to Britain and Northern Europe. “To get this sort of symmetry in both hemispheres tells us that there’s something coming from the tropics, and La Niña is by far the biggest suspect,” Dr Scaife said.

Records going back more than 100 years revealed that bouts of La Niña often coincided with summer depressions sweeping across northernmost Europe.“There’s a remarkable similarity over the past four months’ forecasts and our historical analysis. If our forecast is correct, then unusually cloudy, windy conditions may continue this summer.” ...

The Church of England took a different stance to the Met Office as to cause of the floods — senior bishops said that the severe weather were a consequence of the West’s decision to ignore the Bible.

The church leaders emphasised that while the seven people who died were innocent victims, it was man-made climate change and an “arrogant” world “reaping what we have sown” that had caused the disasters of the past week.

Oh Great, just what we need, the Church of England trying to break into the religious fundamentalism market as well.... Look Bish. leave the faith based forecasting to the Met Office......


So much for the Met Office's "Hottest Year Ever" claim of a few months ago. Maybe they should scrap their supercomputers and start using their bunions. As for the CofE, they are just doing what religion has always done - blame sinners for the weather.

Watch out sinners.....the next bolt of lightening could have your name on it!!! I remember the forecast earlier in the year when they said how hot it would be, bloody hell how wrong can you get. Paid a fortune for sticking a finger up their arses to predict the weather.

Rain? What's that? We haven't seen any since the end of April. The forests and hills are drying out and catching fire.

Looking at eastern Australia, you certainly see more extreme weather, including rain this year than in previous years. Much more rain this winter so far than the whole of last winter and spring. Hello Pasha Bulker and floods. Good bye drought and bush fires.

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