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It's just the weather

Science and folklore unite in predicting rain - Times Online Paul Simons: Weather Eye
This is not climate change, though. Will Hand, a forecast researcher at the Met Office, has studied previous extreme rains in Britain. “The depressions that gave such heavy frontal rain recently were typical of 20th-century rainfall extremes,” he explained. He cites the Great Borders Flood of August 1948 as an example, when a slow depression flooded the River Tweed, sweeping away 40 bridges and disrupting mainline rail services for two months.

Do I win a small prize for spotting the first expert not claiming extreme weather is climate change. And for Paul Simons to report it. Of course it would be unkind to remind him of his article last September
Why next summer could well be even longer and hotter . . . - Times Online - September 18, 2006

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We are not having a very wonderful summer. Merely because there are a few hot summers in a row we are told that the world is coming to an end. Now the weather is atrocious it because the worlds is coming to an end. However I remember a lot of summers like this one - in fact they are rather traditional here. To quote fgrom "A Man for All Seasons" (no pun intended) "This isn't Spain, Thomas. This is England"

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