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Leave it to the experts.

- Bishop Hill blog - - Climate cuttings 3 brings us upto date on the war of words about "dodgy" weather recording stations. As far as I can make out, the fact that some temperature is "rubbish" doesn't matter because the experts "adjust" it to make it "right". A bit like the CO2 reading from Mauna Loa which are "adjusted" when the wind is blowing the "wrong" way to make sure they are "right" as well. So don't worry it is all sorted by the experts.

At random I checked out the gallery of surface station temperature recorders in Colorado to lust after the magnificent open views where surely it can't be hard to place the recorders away from the heat and shade of buildings, tarmac and cars. Here's the first one I came across.....



If Bishop Hill would treat us to a larger typeface, I'd read his blog again.

Don’t forget the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s dodgy figures fiddled to fit a single tide gauge on a subsiding bit of coast in Hong Kong – Oh and the fact that they then used those figures to work out a 'correction' factor to apply to satellite readings.

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