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Nappies Repeated

Traditional nappies 'no better for environment' | Earth News | Earth | Telegraph
Traditional nappies 'no better for environment'

By Nicole Martin
Last Updated: 6:01pm BST 03/07/2007

A Government minister has delivered the news that millions of parents have been waiting to hear: traditional nappies are no more environmentally friendly than disposables.

Ben Bradshaw, the new health minister, made the comment after a four-year study by the Environment Agency concluded that "there is little or nothing to choose between them".

It found that the damage caused by burying disposables in landfill sites was matched by the electricity and greenhouse gases generated by washing and drying cloth nappies.

This would be the report that was released over two years ago then - the one the Real Nappy Cabal has been trying to bury ever since....

BBC NEWS | UK | No green winner in nappy debate
Thursday, 19 May, 2005

Whether parents use disposable or cloth nappies makes little difference to the environment, a report has concluded.

How slow news travels! Especially when it upsets the green apple cart.....



Do you know that many local authorities have Nappy co-ordinators going round at public expense trying to get women to use real nappies not disposable? By the way -why do you have so much security on posting on yer blog? -it has put me off several times. Oh.I get it now..

mutley, the above was a friendly joke,you would not understand this because you are

a Dickhead.Fuck you.

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