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US Flag Flapping

Americans can only fly flags made in the US
The American state of Minnesota has announced that all US flags sold in the state should be of American manufacture, and warned violators of the law, that they would be punished by a 1,000 dollar fine, or imprisoned for three months.

The series of new laws is supported by the Flag Manufacturers' Association of America. It has complained about a flood of US flags, valued at 5.3 million dollars, imported mostly from China last year.

Jelly Bellied Flag Flapping! - It is a shame to see the symbol of liberty and freedom being dragged into the gutter as the refuge of protectionism and economic ignorance - cheap Chinese flags make America richer, even if the Flagmakers of America are in inconvenienced.


I think this is simple-minded thinking that gets the "cheap applause" that politicians so eagerly and easily gain from the general populace of no-brain redneck Americans. Anybody that knows the basics of economics and free trade will be able to figure that one out.

I think these laws are stupid and there is no reason for them.

Thought you might like to read this column realted to the very same issue.


The height of stupidity. Agreed.

Given that it's basically just the flag of the East India Company anyway, it's rather fitting that it be imported from Asia.

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