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Be un-British urges Gordon's Sailor

No sooner do I post that Squealing and snitching are "unBritish" than Gordon's pet seaman called on people to be "a little bit un-British" and even inform on each other in an attempt to trap those plotting to take innocent lives.
"Britishness does not normally involve snitching or talking about someone,"

Has he cleared this with the Jelly Bellied Flag Flapper himself?

Tim Worstall comments about the promised 15 Year Fight Against Terror!
Now you're talking about somewhere near the rest of the natural lives of a good portion of the citizenry. You're also talking about a period of time long enough that we will, all on our very own, change the society irreversibly. After a 15 year period where civil liberties are so curtailed, after we have become a nation of snitches who have given up our freedoms for security (if indeed the latter will have been achieved) then who really believes that we'll get them back?

I cannot speak for everyone, of course, but I think I would rather live in a free society which included the possibility of my being blown up than to surrender said freedom for the rest of my life.

I couldn't agree more, and bonus points to Tim for not trotting out the old quotation about liberty and security, giving up one, deserving neither, attributed, probably erroneously, in many forms to old Ben Franklin himself...


Who ironed his collar?

And I understand his background includes defence intelligence. If they want someone ex-military, wouldn't someone with army experience earned just about anywhere in the world have made more sense?

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