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More un-Britishness from Gordon

Ministers eye Her Majesty's swans | Uk News | News | Telegraph
The Royal Prerogative by which swans belong to the Queen looks likely to be scrapped under Gordon Brown's programme of constitutional reform.

It would see her stripped of the title "Seigneur of the Swans" and would mean an end to the "upping" ceremony

Now that is going to far! Next he will be attacking us Castle dweller's Droit de seigneur, ius primae noctis and the "upping" ceremony . Outrageous infringement of our ancient liberties!

Haven't the Tartan Taliban learnt from Tony that the sheer pointless modernising for the sake of modernising, the destruction of the old just because it is old, when no obvious improvement is offered in place is the worm that is destroying the foundations of our society? Or is this part of the Gramscian beliefs of our leaders that:

The working-class needed to develop a culture of its own, which would overthrow the notion that bourgeois values represented 'natural' or 'normal' values for society, and would attract the oppressed and intellectual classes to the cause of the proletariat


In the worst throwes of long-term student boredom I was watching an program about 17th century architecture the other day. The presenter was reading through the deed to a manor house somewhere and it began:

"By the Grace of God, His Highest Majesty and Holiness King James the Second, King of England, Soveriegn of Wales, Commander of the Seas, Ruler of France, et cetera."

I laughed out loud at that, you can just imagine the person dictating the deed "Commander of the Seas, Ruler of France and...er....all the other stuff."

If anyone needs an 'uppie' it's that Bugger Brown. The Magna Carta and Bill of Rights are their for a reason!

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