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A Pneumatic Blonde in the morning makes my day

So this is what I was faced with this morning at eye level as they wrestled this barely dressed blonde to the ground outside my home. At least I got compensated with a bottle of whisky for my distress....


I'd imagine opening one's curtains to be confronted by a 44x life-size Liz Zara would be enough to shake anyone's constitution. A bottle of scotch is the least they could have done (except provide a real Ms Zara) to calm your nerves.

Then again Mrs E might have something to say about Remittance Plan B - best stick to the scotch.

Not to be picky about so excellent a sight... but considering it's a giant BRA ad, wouldn't it be appropriate for the model to be ummmm wearing a bra?

Right on, I went to high school with her. Congrats to her on her success.

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