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Riding the range

BBC NEWS | England | Wiltshire | Farmer's concern over rural crime
A farmer has spoken of his concern over an "epidemic of vandalism and theft" on his organic farm and other small holdings in Wiltshire.
(Pertwood Organic Farm covers 750 hectares)
Wilfred Mole is calling for the problem to be dealt with otherwise farmers will face financial hardship.

Back in the bad old days, before Pertwood became organic I used to flog pallet loads of pesticides to them so I know it was a big farm. When Mr Mole bought it a year or so ago he may not have bought it all but to equivocate it to a small holding is plain silly, but to the BBC "organic" means cuddly small farmers handmilking goats in their amusing ethnic clothing, not a £10 million business which actually farms professionally and produces an excellent consistent product.

Mr Wilfred Mole is South African, judging by his accent. I am sure as an experienced South African farmer he would welcome, as would all farmers down here, a more "robust" approach to the problems of trespassers and thieves.


Well, in South African terms 750 ha is a small holding, or "plot" as they are called. The sort of thing city boys buy for the weekend so they can pretend to be farmers.

If you want to be considered a proper farmer with a real plaas you need at least a couple thousand ha.

Hey Wilf

I have sent you a message on the steam train site! But see you here too! I had no idea you had settled in Wiltshire, a farmer indeed! I am a member of WWOOF which is a voluntary organisation for volunteers to work on organic farms throughout Australia (and the world). I have planted over 200 tea tree trees on the Yorke Peninsula in South australia. I learned how to drive a tractor and a lot about organic farming!!!! Who would have thought it.....My second husband and I did a lot of volunteering on several Australian farms. In particular the Adelaide Hills. Met some amazing people.

Please get in touch I would love to catch up with you!

Polly Short

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