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Kennet's Illegal Rubbish Advice

Kennet%20Rubbish.jpg - from The Gazette and Herald print version.

Did you spot it? The man responsible for our bugged bins implies he feeds kitchen waste to his chickens - and that is strictly illegal under EU law!


Shurely not!

We had an allottment a few years ago, and anything that went to seed (leeks, broccoli, sprouts, caulis) went to feed the chickies. Then we would all get a share of the eggses during the summer. And during the winter time, when the hens went off laying, their owners would wring their necks and cook 'em up for their household pets.

I mean to say, what could be fairer than that?

TE adds - there is nothing wrong or illegal in feeding stuff from the garden or allotment, as long as it hasn't passed over the threshold into the kitchen, once it has done that then it is catering waste and mustn't be fed to farmed animals or birds by EU law.

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