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Good News - Regional Assemblies to be scrapped


The much-criticised, unaccountable South West Regional Assembly is to be scrapped and its powers handed back to elected councils, the WMN has learnt.Gordon Brown plans to demolish one of the few legacies of ex-deputy PM John Prescott by wielding the axe on the £2 million "talking shop".

Well that is one part of the EU inspired breakup of England that that has failed. And another vistory we can chalk up to Neil Herron who organised the defeat of the North East referendum which put the nail into prescott's plans. And I suppose we will find out who pays for it now..

Christopher Booker's notebook | Uk News | News | Telegraph

...the SWRA, took on 50 employees, including a liability to fund their pensions. If regional assemblies are to be abolished, as the Tories half-promise to do, who will pick up that bill? The SWRA has no assets. Technically, therefore, it is what accountants call an "insolvent body",....


Broon at PMQs yesterday referred to 'the regional authorities' who are, apparently, to be consulted about the super-casinos. What regional authorities?

That will undermine the Conservatives perhaps they will have to go one step further and scrap the RDA`s some hope

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