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Theo Spark - Give me a woody anyday.

Theo Spark: Choose your weapon....

...the Islamic hoards are charging up the drive. You need a weapon, which one are you going to go for and why.


Theo - you forgot to add the bayonet to my choice. They don't like it up'em.


Ahem! shouldn't that read "hordes"?

I've seen the video before - truly inspirational.

If they were coming up the drive, I would have to reach for one of the semi-autos on the left - particularly if there are shotgun or flechette rounds available for the M203.

I would go top-left as the grenade launcher is a value-added proposition concerning hordes, and since I'm not in the Military I'm free to use hollowpoints in the .223 to effect good stoppage. It's a perfectly adequate horde-cartridge and I wouldn't want overpenetration to disturb the neighbors.

Go for the gun that won't break down regularly and isn't some US fantasy rifle that has more jams than Fortnums - the MP5. If you need to kill lots of people at relative close quarters then you want something that has an instant knockdown ability and the 9mm (that one shown is a police issue but a much better variant is the military HK53 5.56/40 round) is probably more preferable to anything else. Personally I would tend to opt for the better and newer MP7, given its ability to penetrate modern body armour better and with much better fire control for hosing down those pesky hordes of martyrdom-seeking Islamists as they come charging up Whitehall ...

Definitely the SMLE for me, not only for the bayonet but also because it is the only weapon of that selection that I would know how to operate (thanks to training in the Enfield No. 4 at school). Most of my experience these days is with Brown Bess.
Those who are also bayonet fans may find this of interest.

The practical side of me would choose the Colt with the grenade launcher..

But the Ne'erdowell that lurks in my soul lusts after the Barrett Payload rifle!

a fully operational social worker would sort out their priorities
and ensure you are respectful.

The AR (I'm guessing an M4 carbine by the A2 upper) would be the most practicle option by far but then the SMLE is the proper weapon for fending off the natives...and then again the Barret looks like a laugh....and on the other hand there's cheap ammo to be had for the MP5. Can I strap them all together Simpsons style?

Really depends on the length of the driveway.

If a long driveway with a clear field of fire, then the SMLE will suffice as they enter the gates.

If a short driveway (like mine) I would regretfully choose the MP5, just for the rate-of-fire, always assuming I had an adequate supply of loaded spare mags (a safe assumption to make, in my case).

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