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And the forecast is...

Here is the forecast for winter. It will be wetter, but drier. Perhaps - Times Online

Having been caught unawares by the torrential rain this summer, the Met Office was somewhat diffident in issuing its first forecast for next winter.

It will be warmer and wetter than usual, but colder and drier than last year, and but for global warming it would be colder than usual too.

Got that? In other words, the forecast is for an unexceptional winter. Perhaps.

And Courtney Cox may break into my bedroom wearing nothing but high heeled leather boots with a tub of chocolate ice cream, or she may not. It is that sort of accuracy of forecast we are getting from the experts who tell us what the effect of a cows fart has on the sea levels in Maldives.


If she does break in, some pics for your readers would be in order.

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