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Doctors: we must all donate organs - Times Online
THE chief medical officer wants everyone to be treated as organ donors after death unless they explicitly opt out of the scheme.

Sir Liam Donaldson believes the shortage of kidneys, livers and hearts is so acute that the country needs a donation system that will presume patients have given consent for their body parts to be transplanted.

Those who wanted to opt out would have to register in a similar way to those who now carry organ donor cards. This could be done through a central NHS database or through other documentation, such as driving licences.

Such a fundamental change is likely to prove controversial as critics claim it gives the state new powers over people’s bodies.

So we will have to carry our ID cards even after death to keep the State's thieving hands off our property, and if I don't own my body then I am a mere slave.


It's also worth bearing in mind that organs have to be harvested within a certain time limit after death but the definition/criteria for death is fluid (http://www.linacre.org/death.html is one, longish essay).

The obvious problem is that not all doctors strive for the same high standards as others.


One way of stopping the buggers from stealing your bits is to ensure that they are all rendered useless. Twenty a day will do for the lungs and heart; and regular applications of whisky are bound to make the liver (and possibly the brain) untransferable.

Indeed, by smoking and drinking, one can view one's self much like those daring resistance chappies who applied grinding paste to railway wagon axles and pee'd in German fuel tanks during the last unpleasantness.

Who knew civil disobedience could be such fun.

I am happy for my organs to be used after I no longer have a use for them. My family know this and I am sure would allow them to be used upon my snuffing it. I will not register as an organ donar in Australia because they have changed the law so that my next of kin does not have to be consulted before my organs are removed. I prefer to think that my good lady wife is involved in the decision that I am indeed dead and not just tired and shagged out following a prolonged squawk. Should the law be changed to presume people are donors unless they opt out then I should opt out because I reject the implicit assumption that my body belongs to the state.

"The obvious problem is that not all doctors strive for the same high standards as others."

Aye...some like to play with propane cylinders, gasoline, shrapnel, cellphones and Jeep Cherokees.
Want to be in one of their hands when the question comes up of whether you're dead or not?

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