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The Empire Decrees

Brown will struggle to deny EU referendum | Uk News | News | Telegraph
Gordon Brown will have "problems" denying voters a referendum on the new European Union treaty, the architect of the old constitution has confessed.

Valéry Giscard d'Estaing yesterday admitted that differences between the new treaty and the constitution, which was rejected by French and Dutch voters two years ago, "are few and far between and more cosmetic than real"....

Mr Giscard has advised Mr Brown against an "uncertain" referendum, predicting that British voters would do the same to the new treaty as the French and Dutch did to the old constitution.

The former French president insisted that the new treaty mandate, agreed in Brussels last month, is too complicated for ordinary European citizens to understand.

Jean-Luc Dehaene, the former prime minister of Belgium who is now a senior MEP, noted that 95 per cent of the constitution was back. He said it was no surprise that voters were confused....

Mr Dehaene also insists the issue is not one for the voters, whether they are British, French or Dutch. "Europe will never go forward by referendum," he said. "Leading is showing the way, not following."

Patronising anti-democratic bastards, is it tumbril time yet?


When it comes to the Europhiles, it's been tumbril time for three decades. We should do to Ted Heath what they did to the corpse of Cromwell after the Restoration.

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