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Yew won't find it

Yewmongous...the giant hedge that yields its own £600 fund | the Daily Mail

Britain's oldest and biggest yew hedge, which is 400ft long, 30ft tall and 30ft wide....The hedge's location is a closely-guarded secret but it is near Milton Abbas in Dorset.

Closely Guarded eh? Not to Mr Google, five minutes and here is the same hedge in 1955.

Not so much a secret as unfindable, according to Dorset Life:
Melcombe Bingham is part of the confusion caused by place names in this area. A mile away is Bingham’s Melcombe; at one time they were one place and Bingham’s Melcombe was just the name of the manor house next to the church. Melcombe Bingham is also known as Melcombe Horsey or Lower Ansty, since it runs into the village of Ansty to the north. Properly speaking, Melcombe Horsey is the name of the deserted village to the west of the present settlement.

And who says we makes it confusing for Townies to find their way about....


Never mind townies... what about us tourists?

Never mind townies... what about us tourists?

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