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The Protocols of The Elders

Nelson Mandela launches Elders to save world | International News | News | Telegraph
There will eventually be 12 Global Elders - but the exact make-up of the group was in flux right up until yesterday's announcement.

As well as Mr Mandela and his wife, Graca Machel, the group comprises Desmond Tutu, the Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town; Jimmy Carter, the former American president; Mary Robinson, the former Irish president; Kofi Annan, the former secretary general of the United Nations; and Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel laureate economist and founder of the Green Bank in Bangladesh....The initiative was the brainchild of Sir Richard Branson and the musician Peter Gabriel.

Rejoice! Kofi and Jimmy, together at last to save us. Was the Blessed Margaret invited to join? Or doesn't she qualify as a Global Elder?


Twelve devils or dopes, take your pick. Evil to the last of them. Well, except maybe Tutu, he may be just misguided. Then again he's an Anglican....

Well if the Rolling Stones can make a living touring the world in their old age, why not a bunch of ageing lefty politicians. Like those American tourists who get the chance to travel after they retire, only these tourists will be getting paid. I wonder if Tone Blair will try and get in the club?

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