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Gratuitous Nigella

Jonathan Ross cleared over Nigella obscenity - Telegraph
Ross told the TV cook she was a "Milf" during an interview on his BBC1 chat show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. He did not spell out what the acronym stood for - but many viewers would have been aware of its meaning.

In the same interview, broadcast in December 2006, Ross insulted vegetarians by saying: "Serve them f***ing right" when Lawson mentioned they would be unable to eat a Christmas dinner containing roast potatoes cooked in goose fat.

He also stated that if anyone offered him goose for Christmas lunch he would "s*** on their couch".

A viewer complained about the use of "foul language and inappropriate references".

Eh? Complaints when for once the BBC is broadcasting three simple true statements - well maybe not the "shag on the couch" - I hope it was "shag", when I first read it I thought it was "shit", the reference to goose etc, and that isn't nice. In fact I think to get that thought out of my mind I should follow the lead of Stumbling and Mumbling with some "Gratuitous Nigella"

nigella.jpg Nigella1.jpg

What a lovely pair, of pictures.


One may deplore Mr Ross's vulgarity, yet still admire his taste.

Thanks for the acknowledgement, but I must disclaim any originality in offering "gratuitous Nigella." I am merely standing on the shoulders of giants, in this case Pootergeek:

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