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German Shows Me The Way Home

Thats No Road Its The Canal (from The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)

German crop pattern enthusiast Jozef Cene ended up in a swirl himself when he mistook a canal for a road - and drove straight into it.

To make matters more embarrassing for the tourist it was revealed that he is a policeman back home in Berlin.

Mr Cene had spent Friday evening having a quiet drink and chatting with other crop circle researchers in the Barge Inn at Honey Street.

On leaving he surprised customers sitting outside the pub by driving his car up to the canal edge....

One onlooker said: "He looked to the left and looked to the right to check nothing was coming, indicated to turn right and then the car leapt into the canal."...

Police were called and breathalysed Mr Cene, who was not over the limit.

PC Mark Fiander-Lewis said: "The driver stated that he mistook the muddy and dark canal to be an extension of a wet Tarmac track and continued to drive straight over the bank and into the middle of the canal.

That is the same canal I have to pass over on my way back from the pub... but why breathalyse him? Nothing illegal about driving pissed on private land, or water.....


I like the way the car leapt into the canel.

Must be made of the same special material that makes guns kill people on their own.

Actually I'm not sure about that. I heard on one of those 'Cops on Camera' type shows (not the best source of information I know) that it is actually illegal to be drunk at the wheel of a motor vehicle no matter where it is.

To clarify it is illegal to drive a car while intoxicated on a public road or a road to which the public have access to, i.e. your drive at home. Private land is only excluded if it is not possible for a member of the public to access - would need to be fenced off / locked / etc

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