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Greenmail on Passengers

Scotsman.com News - £40 Green charge looms for flights after airlines 'fail over carbon footprints'

PASSENGERS should pay a "green tax" on airfares to combat the damage to the environment caused by increased flying, an influential Westminster committee said last night.

Tim Yeo, who chairs the Commons environmental audit committee, said airlines should be forced to levy a charge of up to £40 for every flight to offset carbon emissions from aircraft.

Last November we had this:
Tim Worstall: Airline CO2 Charges

AIRLINE passengers would pay up to £27 extra for a return ticket to cover the environmental damage caused by their flights, under European Commission proposals to address climate change....flights originating or arriving in the UK already pay tax (Air Passenger Duty) of about this amount such flights will in effect be double taxed

So is Tim Yeo - shamed shagger and Ken Clarke backing "Conservative" - just respouting the EU line or is this a suggestion for yet another grab on passengers cash?


The devil's in the detail: long distance flights "should" (using Pigouvian taxation) be paying £ 40 anyway. If it's Total fees, OK. If extra, actualy, we can look to the Stern Review for the ammunition to refute the argument.

It's a grab they can't resist - Greenweenies are the current High Priesthood of Socialist moralizing and their Church need funding to survive, double or triple-tax is the norm.

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