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EU Fine Causes Flood Defence Cuts - as not reported by the BBC

BBC NEWS | Politics | Flood defence spending to be cut - 2 August 2006
Efforts to prevent floods are under threat as the government's environment department is forced to cut £200m in the next six months.

The Environment Agency, which runs flood defences, is among those being hit by cutbacks at the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The cuts are at least partly being made to make up for losses from the failures in the new subsidy system for farmers.

Those "losses" were not the "losses" at all, they were a fine by the EU for Defra cocking up the RPA payments , but then you wouldn't expect the BBC to say that, would you?


Is Woking in Surry flooded? My buddy Kev is recovering from a nasty mountain bike crash and staying at his brother's house there.

Woking had a few areas of very localised street floods, not a real problem - but looks fine to me. Maybe there's been some near the sports centre, haven't been down that way for a while. The problems always start when either something gets stuck under the bridges or Guildford decide to open the sluice gates to save themselves ( which is what happened last time ).

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