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Flood Farce

The Promise

Environment Agency - Upton upon Severn defence trial

During a real flood event: We will erect the flood barriers when weather data and river levels indicate that flooding is imminent.

The Reality

Flood victims left defenceless - Telegraph

The rescue operation in one part of Britain turned to farce when vehicles carrying barriers to protect residents from floods became stuck on flooded roads.

Parts of Worcester and nearby Upton-upon-Severn, which were still recovering from the earlier floods, were left defenceless after the temporary barriers failed to reach them because the vehicles could not get past waterlogged roads and congested traffic.

Both towns suffered severe flooding with residents being trapped and having to be evacuated.

Maybe that nice Mr Miliband should have spent more time worrying about the state of his department and less about the state of the climate and his progress up the slippery pole.


They will pay for attacking the English! F*ckin' scumbags!

According to the MP for Wyre Forest, Environment Agency staff have been diverted to prevent proactive recyclers* from removing flood barriers. Wouln't it be appropriate to invoke rule 5.56 (the revised rule .303) in these circumstances, preferably without warning? I also think that instead of being transferred to other prisons, prisoners in flood threatened areas should be provided with wellingtons, waist chains and a bucket each to bail out the law-abiding. Oh and PS, Dave, is Rwanda a member of the Commonwealth?
*nuspeek for looters

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