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Welcome the "motorist-friendly" "Civil Enforcement Officers'

The cameras that will catch drivers who stay too long in a parking space | News | This is London
Millions of motorists face being sent automated tickets through the post if they are caught on cameras trained on parking bays, the Government revealed today.

Thousands of spies in the sky will remove the need for traffic wardens or parking attendants to physically slap a ticket on a windscreen.....

The new regulations laid before MPs yesterday under the Traffic Management Act 2004, mean:

• Fines can be sent by post after camera evidence or a parking attendant spotting a drive-away number plate.

• Parking attendants will be renamed 'Civil Enforcement Officers'.

The Department for Transport insisted last night that the new powers were aimed at making the issuing of parking tickets more "motorist-friendly" - and were designed to deter persistent offenders, not to raise cash...

If we are going to be civilly enforced at every turn at least they could wear decent uniforms; the sloppy shirt-hanging-out polyester trousered scruffs are a disgrace. Something in black, with silver neck flashes and mirror polished jackboots would be more suitable.


I do believe the English Bill of Rights states: "That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void;"


The state of constitutional, legal and historical knowledge in the UK is so bad, even the bloody judges are barely aware that the Bill of Rights was ever passed, let alone that it is still on the statute books. Hence the politicians' continuing ability to break it whenever they feel like it.

Damn, the country needs another Glorious Revolution.

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