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Two Cheers for Cameron

allAfrica.com: Rwanda: David Cameron

Mr. Cameron has also welcomed the suggestion of Policy Group, for a new campaign called Real Trade, to "put pressure on politicians in all developed countries to drop their trade barriers, unilaterally, and immediately".

The Conservative Leader criticised the way richer states seek concessions in return for trade deals, and declared: "Forget the endless tortuous negotiations about getting something in return. Just do it. We can afford it. Africa needs it. And we will all benefit from it."

Spot on, it is only fair to praise him when he is right and speaks out, but electorally he blew it; the danger of your home being flooded worries Middle England far more than the plight of the Rwandans...


Yes. Let's get the zollverein, I mean the common market, no sorry I meant the European Economic Community, oh dear what I really meant to say was the European Union to drop its external tariffs so we can all benefit from international trade (a lesson we were meant to have learnt over a hundred and fifty years ago).

But Dave cannot do that, because the EU is never going to roll over and have its tummy tickled by the Tories, no matter how much influence they claim to have being in Europe (but not run by Europe of course).
So either he is hyperventilating, or he is promising stuff that he cannot deliver (which is deeply unfair given the local audience) or he is a hypocrit. You decide.

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