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The Case For Local Authority Cuts

Cato-at-liberty is shocked to discover that:

Massachusetts requires hairdressers — yes, hairdressers — to be licensed by the government.

And in this country?

Licence - hairdresser - Google Search

Enfield Council
Hairdressers and barbers are required to be registered with the local authority. Following an application an Officer will visit ...

North Wilts
The Deregulation and Contracting Out Act 1994 has eliminated the need for hairdressers to be registered,

You do not require a licence or registration in order to trade as a barber or hairdresser in Newcastle

All Hairdressers and Hairdressing premises must be registered with the Council. Council byelaws cover the hygiene and cleanliness of ...

To operate a Hairdressing Salon within the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough, you need to be registered.

The Leicestershire Act 1985 means hairdressers in Rutland need to be registered,

And so on....

That's clear then - how do those customers in areas of the country survive where the reckless councils let people cut hair without being inspected first?


Same here in California, I guess it hearkens back to the day when barbers and assorted blood-letters were also surgeons - those who weren't cooks like Sweeney Todd anyhow...

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