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Shamboburger Time

Tears as Shambo is led to slaughter - Telegraph

Police officers armed with bolt cutters had to be called in last night to help government officials seize Shambo, the sacred Hindu bullock wanted for slaughter...

The action comes after the multi-faith community finally lost the High Court bid to save Shambo. The assembly appealed for co-operation, but the monks warned that officials would have to interrupt worship to remove the animal.

Supporters from around the world had been taking part in a pooja ceremony to celebrate the sanctity of life at the temple enclosure in Llanpumsaint. "They will have to physically desecrate a temple to get him," said one of the monks, Brother Michael,...

As the bullock was finally driven away Brother James shouted, with tears flowing down his cheeks, "Goodbye Shambo, come back as a human next time."...

You would have to have a heart of stone not to feel a teensy bit sorry for these hippies with their made up religion losing a pet, never easy. But well done the Welsh Assembly, many of whom probably know the joy of bonding with animals, to uphold the law in the face of the epidemic of "religious rights". We shouldn't persecute religions but neither should what you claim your imaginary friend says mean you have special rights.


'many of whom probably know the joy of bonding with animals'


Reminds me of the Peep Show episode where his religous uncle is dying.

"Aw...what a nice guy...what a shame everything he believes in is total rubbish."

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