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How to prevent the Doctors killing you in Hospital

Scotsman.com News - MI5 'is keeping bomber alive'

SEVERELY burned Glasgow Airport attack suspect Kafeel Ahmed is being kept alive on the orders of MI5, senior police sources have told Scotland on Sunday.

Ahmed has third degree burns to 90% of his body and virtually no chance of surviving but insiders claim the security services are keeping him alive to avoid a backlash from radical Muslims.

Ahmed, a doctor at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley, has been in a coma since the incident and most burns experts believe he is already effectively dead. But last week it emerged that special shark skin implants costing £20,000 were being used to treat his injuries.

A senior police source said: "It has been made very clear to the doctors by the 'powers that be' that they are to do anything and everything to keep Ahmed alive."

Maybe that is the only way to survive being ill in an NHS hospital, get a couple of large men in suits and dark glasses have a quiet word with the staff.


What a splendid use of NHS resources. One might ask if the idiots behind this decision have lost ... oh, redundant. I like the Hitch's plan to pour salt on the f...er.

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