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Maybe one thing good will come out of the Olympics

Scotsman.com News - Scotland - Ministers try to ease gun law for Games

MINISTERS are planning a relaxation of post-Dunblane gun laws to help British pistol-shooters compete successfully at the 2012 Olympics, it emerged last night.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is pondering a new proposal that will allow dozens of Britain's top pistol shooters to hold and use their weapons on British soil for the first time in a decade, to maximise the nation's chances of winning medals at the London Games.

The remarkable blueprint, thrashed out by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in consultation with British shooting groups, would grant up to 50 sports pistol shooters temporary exemptions from the 1997 legislation rushed into force following the Dunblane massacre. The permission would run out after the Olympic Games had finished...

Gill Marshall-Andrews, of the Gun Control Network, said: "It might not seem a controversial move to make, planning a short-term exemption from the legislation, but it will be greeted with horror by everyone concerned about the spread of guns in society.....


Ooh thats nice of them! 50 special licenses so we can bag a few medals for the league table. Any aspiring pistol shooters or shooters of old (of which I am one) can press our noses to the telly and watch from afar. Great. And then it's back to storing your pistols in Belgium, or wherever, and the rest of us can stay out in the cold. This might not happen of course - they may just allow foreign competitors in to shoot on our soil. A right that we don't have. F***ing marvellous. I'd ask any of the 50 up for a license to consider checking out there ancestry and trying to earn a place on a Foreign team if such a thing were possible.

So how does one get in to pistol shooting in this country these days, given there is nowhere to practice unless you're police or military... Seems a bit arse about face to me. But then guns are bad, or something.

The numpties, nothing succeeds in Britain like dismal failure. The gun control laws have been oh soooo successful, and that dimwit is worrying about helping the spread of guns. Sheesh, you'd think they'd embarrass themselves.

I'm concerned that guns haven't spread nearly enough in society.

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