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Night of the Broken Glass

Greens vandalise fuel-greedy 4x4 cars - Telegraph

Greens employing guerrilla tactics have begun targeting the prized assets of car-loving Germans.

The tyres of dozens of 4x4 vehicles were slashed last week in Berlin, with each attack accompanied by a note detailing the dangers of carbon emissions tucked under the windscreen wiper.

Germans running around smashing glass and sticking notes on the vandalised windows...don't mention "Krystalnacht" as that would be implying their intolerance has historical undertones, and “Krystalnacht” is an absolutely unacceptable term in Germany today.


Meine Autoreifen werden zerstört! Do they know how many barrels of oil it takes to make a tire? Reifennacht! :-) They're up to it again, Green is just another color for National Socialism.

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