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"Troops Out"

Northern Ireland: Troops out as operation ends - Telegraph
As the flag of 39 Infantry Brigade is lowered during an understated ceremony in Northern Ireland today, almost four decades of gallant military history will come to a quiet, yet dignified end.

Professional soldiering allows little time for sentiment, but at that moment veterans of the conflict could be forgiven for pausing to remember their 763 comrades who died as direct result of terrorism in Ulster.

Although the flag-lowering ritual at Thiepval Barracks, Lisburn, Co Antrim, has been kept deliberately low-key in order to avoid accusations of triumphalism, it represents the successful conclusion of the British Army’s longest ever military operation.

I suppose peace and the Union flag still flying over Stormont count as a successful conclusion, but while there are still murdering scum walking around free and being feted then I'll pass on the celebrations.


Is it any wonder that the English are so dispised by every other country with such arrogant wankers as you. What about the 3000 innocent victims as a direct result of British involvement in the North?

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