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"Put him in the round house till he gets sober"

Police want ‘Tesco jails’ - Times Online

Police and retailers are backing proposals for short-term “Tesco jails” for shopping malls and major sporting venues as a way of speedily dealing with shoplifters, drunks and football hooligans.

Nothing new -
Village lock-ups were temporary holding places for detaining people in rural parts of England and Wales.

A typical lock-up was a small building of varying shape - some round, some polygonal, and some square in plan with a single, or sometimes double cell. They were usually built from bricks or large stones, although many built in areas where brick and stone was not readily available and therefore expensive, were built in timber. Their greatest fascination is in their shape, many featuring a dome or a spire - the lock-up at Castle Cary includes a domed roof that is often claimed to have been the inspiration for the design of the modern Policeman's helmet.

Village lock-ups have a variety of names: guard house, watchhouse, blind house, kitty (Cockermouth) clink, bonehouse, bridewell, cage, jug, lobby, gaol, and roundhouse. The term ‘clink’ derives from the Clink Prison which stood in what is now Clink Street in London’s Bankside. It was the private prison of the Bishop of Winchester serving his London manor: the Liberty of the Clink. For almost 300 years, it was used to hold martyrs, debtors, whores, thieves and even actors. The Bishop also retained the privilege to sanction other punishments, including the stocks, the ducking stool and whippings.

Lock-ups were often used for the confinement of drunks who were usually released the next day or to hold people being brought before the local magistrate.

Over 200 lock-ups are currently recorded in England and Wales, with many clustered in Essex, West Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and a high concentration in Wiltshire and Somerset.

Somehow I don't think the new ones will be as well built as the old ones - here's one of my local ones at Bradford-on-Avon:


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Disneyland has a jail for trouble-making teenagers and the like. I've never been in it myself.

see #69 here:

Good job Bishop Winchester! That clink is just the place for actors and whores.

I see few confessions here but feel I have "connected" with history by having experienced a very high ceiling stone cell in Peterborough in 1956. As I recall, the dispute originated with a Bobby not wanting to part with his helmet.

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