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Fake TV - Shock Horror

Faked death scene brings new television furore - Times Online The new furore over television “fakery” ....

Simple question: Have you ever been featured in, on the sidelines of, or simply watched a "factual" feature being made for the screen? Probably yes, and you will have seen the shots being rehearsed, retaken and before transmission edited. Did you think that yours was the only documentary that was "faked"?


And now the final straw?
It would seem that to dissemble and deceive is no longer the the prerogative of politicians and the media.

ITV this evening carried a news item claiming (Shock, Horror)that a senior police had the temerity to deliberately mislead the media in the aftermath of the Stockwell shooting.

Misleading those clamouring media jackals when they are in a feeding frenzy is impossible. Since when have they had regard for the truth in their quest for a scoop or an angle?

How is this for an oxymoron? "Honest Reporting."

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