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Poverty of Aspirations

Middle-class teenagers made 'whipping boys' - Telegraph

Middle-class teenagers are being turned into "whipping boys" as ministers discriminate against them in favour of students from poor homes, teachers warned.

Education is being "dumbed down" as universities turn their attention towards easy subjects like surfing studies, beauty therapy and knitwear to attract more working-class students, it is claimed.

In a fierce attack, the Professional Association of Teachers called for the Government to halt its drive towards so-called "social engineering".

There was a time that social mobility and encouraging the working class kids to have aspirations was the policy. Don't feel too sorry for the middle classes, they will pay and influence their kids to become reasonably educated. It is the poor sods on the bottom of the pack who are being patronised and demeaned by the dumbing down -" they are too poor and stupid to be taught that they can become anything other than worker drones". No wonder they spit on the whole system.

Is this creation of a disaffected working class just the result of absent-minded policies or is the abandonment of the teaching of culture,which has been defined as the activities in which one could seek and actually find release from the alienation and fragmentation produced by the capitalist mode of production, deliberate?

Indeed, Marx himself seemed to fear that the working class would deplete or exhaust its revolutionary energies in the pursuit of culture and the physical pleasures of everyday life.*


It was rare for Marx to be even half-right!

When Marx is even half right, he's usually plagiarising, isn't he?

Even a blind fat deaf Marxist rooting in the muck can occasionally find an acorn in the forest - but hopefully somebody will shoot him for bacon, so who cares?

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