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Feeling Normal?

Via Pharyngula I find Dr. Joan Bushwell's Chimpanzee Refuge : Determine your Asperger's quotient

The most interesting thing about Asperger's syndrome is that its "discoverer" decided he had it and named it after himself, which he might have done even if not "suffering" from this "disorder." Maybe.

Asperger's, like too many other mental illnesses, is in effect an almost whimsical diagnosis of exclusion: If someone is really smart, arrogant beyond measure, and tends to be an asshole or otherwise impossible to converse with in a normal way, then he must have a form of autism. It's not treatable, but hey, labels are always fun and interesting.

So take this test to determine your inclination toward Asperger's. If you disagree with the results, well, what makes you think you know so much? And what does that say about you, huh?

I'm still scoring 45 - same as two years ago. (See I can remember my score without even looking it up...)


I scored 25. At last something relatively normal.

21 Average male or female computer scientist.

I'm not sure if this is complimentary.


24... ORLY!

15...mr average!

30. 'nuff said.

34. I feel unworthy compared to you.

I scored a 40. The question is, do I have Asbergers, or am I just a cranky, antisocial bastard?

I'm not sure how to tell the score, there's a light blue band at the top with a carat that goes from 32 to 50? I tried taking it using IE and it stayed the same - oh...there it is, sneaky little bastard hidden in a sentence - I scored a 35 - not exhibiting much attention for detail here...actually I could tell how to answer it to score high.

Oh fuck off.

Oh fuck off.

13 ... is that a lucky number?


Like that wasn't going to be obvious. Scatterbrained, gregarious, hate math -- small wonder I was once a statistician, but got bored with it after about twenty minutes, and became a bon vivant instead.

36 - I think I might have Aspberger's. At least it's not Tourette's like Dearieme.

Ho Hum.

Anyone know where I can claim all those benefits and government handouts for being disabled?

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