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Ditch Gypsies

Why the quaint-looking narrowboats of Britain are being built in Poland - Times Online
The number of people taking to the water in canal boats rose to 450,000 last year. Companies are struggling to find enough builders to satisfy demand....

Down in these parts the huge rise in narrowboats has nothing to do with holidaying film stars but is an unnoticed private enterprise response to houseprices. While the authorities mulct housebuilders to provide "starter homes" for the struggling poor an increasing number, of mainly divorced men, find that for £10- 20,000 a reasonable boat can be bought and a tax-free life of being a ditch-gypsy commenced. As long as you move the boat every week from one pubside mooring to another there is no hassle. Of course this simple solution which costs the tax-payer nothing is ignored by the vast army of bureaucrats who work so hard on our behalf to house us.


Wait till Nanny starts taxing the pubs on those mooring poles, and they have to pass it on to the houseboats...

No, I'm not a pessimist, I just study history.

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